Over the years, BGL has identified new types of cartons which are better suited to modern personal effects, which fit into our standard cartons. For the comfort of its customers we have also come up with the’’ essential cartons’’, in which those items considered by the transferee as vital upon transportation or arrival at their destination are packed e.g. coffee machine and medication.
Our packers are specially trained to use packing techniques which ensure the thorough packing of each item to be transported or moved. Both packing materials and methods used comply with FAIM and ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.
When moving abroad for a number of years, you are not always able to send all your personal belongings; either due to a lack of space, no need for that item in the new country or a delay when sending it. Short term storage may be also required at your country of destination while you are looking for a new home, we provides storage for household goods in secure warehouse facilities.